3 Ways To Increase Your Parent's Safety While Honoring Their Independence

Being the child of a baby boomer can be tough as the boomers get older. Baby boomers tend to be fiercely independent, but it can be difficult for their children to do what's right for them while allowing them to be that independent. If you're the child of a baby boomer and you're worried about your parent's safety, here are three tips to do just that while still providing them a level of independence:

Simple Cellphone

Some baby boomers are more tech-savvy than others, but every baby boomer should have a cellphone they can use on-hand. Always having a phone within reach will increase their safety in the home and outside of it.

If your parent isn't very good with technology, consider a simpler phone that's designed for seniors. Most seniors have no need for advanced features like texting and internet browsing. Focus on choosing a phone with a large display or large buttons, and an interface that's easy for your parent to understand. Most importantly, choose one with a long battery life so it doesn't die when your parent needs it most.

Safety Bars

Safety bars are one of those things you can set up around a home that won't get in your parent's way but will be there if they need it. It's especially important to install safety bars in bathrooms. Senior citizens frequently fall in bathtubs, which makes it extremely dangerous for them to bathe alone. However, baby boomers often resist assistance in bathing. Putting in a safety bar will provide them that extra support getting in and out of the tub or even helping themselves if they do fall. With a cellphone and safety bars, you can rest easy knowing that your parent will be safer if they have a problem in the bathroom.

In-Home Care

Lastly, don't forget to consider senior in-home care for your parent. In-home care can provide medical assistance, give your parent their medications, take vitals, and in some cases, even do light chores and prepare meals. If you live too far away or your life is too busy to constantly check in on your parent, in-home care can do it for you. This will allow your parent to continue living in their own home, which most baby boomers desperately want.

If your parent is getting on in years and you want to do what you can to protect them, follow these three steps. Give an in-home care service a call to find out what they can do for your parent to ensure their well-being, too.

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