How Long Term Assisted Living Care Can Help Your Loved One Manage Type 1 Diabetes

If your elderly parent has Type 1 Diabetes, then he or she needs to follow doctor's instructions for managing this disease. This condition causes problems with mobility, depression, cognition, vision and hearing. People with Type 1 Diabetes have to take insulin. The insulin is administered through injection or by insulin pump. 

If someone with Type 1 Diabetes constantly miss their insulin, then it can cause his or her body to shut down. Read on to find out how long term assisted living care can help your loved one manage Type 1 diabetes. 

What Is Long Term Care?

Long term care is when someone needs help emotionally and physically for a extended period of time. The need for this care is due to old age, disability, terminal conditions, illness or injury. This care can last from a few weeks to years. It becomes necessary when your elderly parent refuse or forget to take their insulin. 

Remind Residents To Take Medication

It helps to ask your facility what services they provide for diabetes management. Some assisted facilities do not inject insulin or check blood sugar levels for residents. They can remind and help you, but not give the shot. 

You can also ask about private home health services. A home health care company can provide your elderly parent with private nursing services. The nurses are paid per hour and you will know the price upfront. They can help with diabetes management, IV's, wound care and medication management. Your nurse is there to accomplish one or two tasks not to be a home health aide. 

Get Regular Exercise

Regular exercise can improve the way your body use glucose. It helps with relieving stress, increases blood pressure, increases cholesterol, burns calories, increases flexibility, strengthens your body  and reduces risk for heart disease. Many assisted living communities have gyms and scheduled physical activities. You can also meet someone with the same medical goals. This person can push you and offer support and you can reciprocate the same support.

Diabetics should drink water before and after exercising. You also have to check your glucose before and after doing a physical workout. Staff can help you with carrying out these tasks. 

Eat Healthy

People with diabetes need to eat healthy. Some diabetics do not realize or want to change their eating habits. They also may not want to prepare meals. 

Long term assisted living care can help with improving your nutritional health. They provide residents with a meal plan. Diabetics are provided with a carbohydrate meal plan that allows for a variety of food choices. This meal plan is beneficial for glycemic control and nutritional needs in residents on mealtime insulin.

Unfortunately, some adult children do not live near their elderly parent. It is hard to care for your parent from long distance. If your parent do not want to live with you, then you have to see what resources are available. You have to make sure your parent is comfortable and still have passion for life.

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