3 Signs That Your Loved One May Need Assisted Living

Seeing your loved one age can be hard. There are so many feelings that come with seeing someone you love, who has always been able to take care of themselves, all of the sudden unable to do simple things. However, one of the biggest questions in peoples mind is when to take your loved one to an senior care facility. Here are some signs that you should take your loved one to a facility that offers more help and care.

1. Your Loved One Is Wandering

One of the signs to look for is wandering. It is not unusual for someone to get dementia as they age. If they are just forgetting simple things like birthday's and appointments. It isn't anything to seriously worry about. But if they start to wander and forget where they are going, it is a problem. There is always the chance that they will go for a walk and forget their way home. They might go to the store and forget what they were getting and wander around for too long, or even forget their way home. All of these are signs that they need help and you need to get help for them before the problem becomes serious.

2. Your Loved One Is Not Eating Well

Another important thing to consider is how well your loved one is eating. Preparing meals for one person is incredibly hard because there is so little to make, and it can be depressing eating by yourself. In addition, as your loved one gets older they may start to avoid eating well because they can't make food, they forget how, or they don't notice when food has gone bad because they sense of taste and smell as lessened.

If your loved one were at a facility they would have meals around the clock so you know they are eating well.

3. Your Loved One Is Having Trouble Caring For Their Hygiene

Lastly, you should watch for lack of hygiene on the part of your loved one. Are they changing their clothing? Do they stay in their pajamas all day? Are they bathing often? You might notice that they are no longer taking care of themselves either because they don't care, or they aren't able to change their clothing or bathe themselves. In this case, an assisted living facility would be best for them.

By looking for these signs you can know when it is time for more care for your loved one. 

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