Opt For Suite-Style Accommodations In Assisted Living If You'Re Able

When you're ready to move into assisted living and are evaluating the services that some homes in your community offer, you should always check what type of resident accommodations are offered in each facility. You'll commonly find standard resident units that share similarities with bachelor apartments — they're cozy, with room for a bed, some basic furniture, and not much else. However, many assisted living facilities also offer suite-style accommodations, which can be highly appealing. If the monthly cost of this type of living suits your budget, here are some reasons to opt for a suite.

Better For Entertaining

If you have a lot of family members and friends who live nearby, you may still want to entertain them. Not living in your old home shouldn't limit your ability to entertain guests, but a small room in your assisted living residence might pose some challenges. When you opt for a suite-style room, you'll have a lot more space for family gatherings. Many suites have a small living room and may even have a kitchenette, which means that you can seat several guests — especially when you borrow some folding chairs from the assisted living home.

Ideal For Sleepovers

Perhaps you have young grandchildren who might wish to come for a sleepover at your new assisted living residence. In a small room, this might pose a challenge, but you won't have to worry when you have a suite-style room. You can take the bedroom, while your grandson or granddaughter can sleep on the couch. This will be a thrill for your loved one, who will not only get the "adventure" of sleeping in a new place with a family member, but will also appreciate the grown-up feeling of having his or her own sleeping quarters.

Easier To Eat On Your Own

Most of the time, you'll likely meet up with fellow residents for meals and enjoy them together in the assisted living home's dining room. However, there may be some times that you wish to eat alone. For example, if you're grieving the loss of a spouse, you might prefer to be withdrawn for a while. Or, if you're an avid cook, you might like to make some snacks and meals yourself and enjoy them in the quiet of your room. With a suite, you'll not only have a kitchen area in which to prepare these meals, but also a proper kitchen table for eating.

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