Assisted Living: How Do You Keep Your Loved One Independent?

If you plan to move your loved one into an assisted living facility soon, you might have many concerns about their care and what to expect from it. Although assisted living is a great option for elderly individuals who need help with their personal needs and medical care, you want to keep your loved one as independent as possible. Being independent may help your loved one cope with the changes in their life more efficiently. Here's why it's important for your loved one to be independent and how you can make it possible for them.

Why Is Independence Important?

For some elderly individuals, the aging process can create many health and personal problems for them. Conditions, such as arthritis, osteoporosis, and even Alzheimer's disease, can be physically and mentally draining on the people they affect. If your loved one suffers from one of these problems, they may feel limited in what they can and can't do in life. The limitations may keep your loved one from being independent. 

When some elderly individuals lose their independence, they become depressed or anxious. Other individuals may lose their appetite, or they may experience sleep problems. If your elderly parent loses complete interest in life, they may become ill or experience new health complications. 

You can help your loved one remain independent by creating different activities for them. 

How Can You Help?

The activities you choose for your family member should stimulate their mind, lift their spirits, and encourage them to think and act independently. The activities may include cooking classes, group outings, and exercise programs. You can always change the intensity of these activities to fit your loved one's health needs.

If you can't decide on the best activities for your elderly parent, consult with an assisted living facility for ideas. A facility may already offer resident-focused care plans that meets your loved one's needs specifically. For instance, if your family member loves dining out, a facility may offer trips to nearby restaurants during the month. 

You can also consult with your loved one directly about their activities. Your loved one may come up with ideas or activities you may not consider or think about it. It may also encourage your family member to become more active in their care and needs, which can further increase their independence.

If you need help with your loved one's care, contact an assisted living facility right away. 

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