3 Levels Of Care Found In A Care Community

As you age, your needs for assistance can change greatly. As you first approach your retirement years, you may just need a little assistance with tasks that just lighten the burden of everyday household work. As you get older, you may need more assistance and care in order to get through a day. In a care community, you are able to age in place in an environment where all of your needs, now and in the future, are taken care of.

Care communities generally have at least three levels of care: independent living, assisted living, and memory care.

Level #1: Independent Living

Independent living is designed for individuals who want to be able to spend their time doing the things that they love while still setting their own schedule and largely being in charge of their own life. With independent living, your weekly housekeeping is taken care of for you and you live in an apartment where you don't have to worry about home maintenance anymore.

You have access to free transportation so you don't have to drive, but space to keep a vehicle if you are still driving. You are able to connect with others your same age and enjoy recreational activities. In some independent living communities, you can opt into meal service if you like. The services provides are all about making your life easier.

Level #2: Assisted Living

With assisted living, you get a little more care and attention from the staff. The burden of doing your laundry is taken away from you, as is the burden of cooking. Three meals a day are provided by the staff, as well as snacks. You still have access to a kitchen though to prepare food for yourself.

With assisted living, you may need help with day to day features. You may need someone to help you with things such as getting dressed, taking a bath, and grooming yourself. You may also need assistance with medication reminders.  

Level #3: Memory Care

Memory care is for seniors who have memory-related issues and need around the clock care. With memory care, all of your needs are taken care of by the in-house staff. They take care of your personal grooming needs, food needs, medication needs, and all other health and medical needs. Memory care is designed for around the clock care and attention.

When you move into a senior care community, like Mayfair Village Retirement Community, the level of care and attention that you need can change in-place as your needs change as well.

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