How A Stair Lift Benefits You When You Have COPD

Walking up and down stairs is a challenge when you have COPD. The physical exertion can leave you winded and weak. The stress is hard on your body, and you could be at an increased risk of falling and being severely injured. One solution to consider is having a stair lift installed in your home. Here's why a stair lift could be ideal when you have COPD.

You Can Stay In Your Home Longer

When you have trouble breathing when you walk and do daily activities, it's necessary to adapt your lifestyle. In some instances, that could even mean leaving your home and moving into a one-story house or an assisted living facility. While stair lifts aren't usually covered by insurance, investing in one is cheaper than moving into a different house just to have your bedroom on the first floor. A stair lift allows you to access all levels of your home so you can keep your bedroom upstairs and continue to function safely in your own home for as long as possible.

A Stair Lift Keeps You Safe In An Emergency

Even if you can still get up and down the steps by taking your time and resting, a stair lift can be a lifesaver in an emergency when you need to get downstairs more quickly. When you have an episode of shortness of breath, you won't have to worry about being stuck upstairs. You can use a wheelchair to make it to the stair lift and then ride down to the main floor where you may feel more at ease.

You may need to get to medication or oxygen on a different floor, and a stair lift ensures you'll always be able to get up and down the stairs when it's critical to do so. Stair lifts operate on rechargeable batteries, so a power outage won't keep you stuck upstairs, and you won't have to risk walking down the stairs in the dark.

A Stair Lift Can Be For Occasional Use

If you have periods when you can navigate the stairs well, then you may want to walk up and down them for the exercise. During those times, you can stow the chair out of the way by having a curved lift installed. The rail curves around the side of the stairs so the chair is out of the way. The rail is compact so it doesn't interfere with your ability to walk up and down the stairs safely when you're feeling well.

The seat, arms, and footrest on the chair fold up so they don't pose a tripping hazard, and they can be put back into position easily for the days when you're short of breath and need help with the stairs. If you decide at some point in the future to move to a new home or assisted living facility, the stair lift can be removed without damaging your home since the rail mounts on the treads and not onto the wall.

A stair lift is a big help when you have COPD and your bedroom is on the second floor. Whether you need to use it every day or just occasionally, it keeps you safe from a fall and from over exerting yourself when you're short of breath. Lifts can be installed on straight stairs, curved stairs, stairs with multiple landings, and even outdoor stairs. Having a lift installed could allow you to remain in the home you love rather than having to move to a single-level home.

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