3 Tips To Ease The Transition Into A Long-Term Nursing Care Facility

The decision to move your aging loved one into a skilled nursing facility for long-term care may be one of the most difficult decisions you may ever make. A nursing facility care provider, such as VibraLife Katy, is an option when your aging loved one's daily care needs are more than family caregivers and/or home care assistance can provide. Whether the transition to a skilled nursing facility is due to loved one's health slowly deteriorating resulting from a debilitating disease or as the result of an unexpected injury, it is important to make the transition as stress-free as possible. Here are three tips to ease the transition into a long-term care facility.

Discuss the Options

It is important to be open and honest with your loved about their options. The first time the subject is addressed, it should be a discussion rather than an intervention. Talk with them about the skilled nursing facility care services that will be available to them, such as access to round the clock nursing care, which will ease your concerns about an injury occurring while they are home alone. It is important to get their input on the topic and that you express your concerns about your loved one living alone.

Tour Facilities Together

If your loved one is able to get out, it is important to involve them when touring different facilities. Encourage your loved one to ask questions, meet other residents and staff and see their assigned room. If possible, when scheduling the tour request the tour be scheduled during meal time so you and your loved one can experience the cafeteria atmosphere and food options available. While taking the tour, be sure to take note of how the staff and residents interact, the cleanliness of the facility, and the staff-to-resident ratio.

Personalize their Room

In order to make your loved one's new residence feel as much like home as possible, it is important to bring as many personal items as possible. Although nursing facilities generally provide their residents with the basics, including a bed and dresser, you can personalize the room with items from home, such as a favorite quilt, family photos, a comfortable chair, lamp, and radio.

On moving day, be sure to accompany your loved one to the nursing facility and explain to them that they will be okay and that you will visit as often as possible. It may ease the transition if you arrive early, stay with them for the day and have dinner together in the resident's cafeteria. When it's time to leave, reassure them that you will return as soon as possible.

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