When Should You Have A Senior's Wound Checked Out?

When you have a loved one who is a senior and is struggling to get around, you might be worried when he or she has unexplained injuries. Sometimes, your loved one might be bleeding and not even know why. Pay attention to the nature of the wound to determine if it would make sense to go to the doctor for wound care services.

Inspect the Wound

Look at the shape of the wound. If the shape of the wound is jagged, you should consider taking your loved one in to see the doctor. Also, you should be concerned if the edges of the wound are gaping open. 

Look at the Wound Location

When the injury is on the face, you should consider taking your loved one to the doctor. The good news is that bleeding from the face and head often look worse than they actually are, but your loved one will still need prompt treatment. If the wound is near a vital organ, it should be inspected even if it seems minor. Also, if your loved one has puncture wounds near the hands and feet, a doctor might want to see the wound because there are a large number of nerves, tendons, and blood vessels that your doctor might be concerned about.

Look for an Infection

The injured area might have embedded dirt, which should be treated by medical professionals and might lead to an infection. If the wound was the result of a bite and contains saliva, there's an increased chance that it will lead to an infection, and the biter might be carrying a disease. Also, if there are any other signs of an infection, you should consider having the wound looked at by a doctor.

Consider How Much Blood is Being Lost

If the bleeding is persistent and won't stop after 10 minutes of pressure, you might need to take your loved one to the doctor. Profuse bleeding can be a threat to your loved one's life. A body only needs to lose 30% of its blood to have a traumatic reaction. Organs are likely to fail as a result of a lack of blood flow, which can easily lead to death. 

Find out when the last time was that your loved one had a tetanus shot. Tetanus can lead to painful muscle contractions, can make it difficult to breathe, and can even place your loved one's life in danger.

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