How Senior Care Services Could Benefit You And Your Parent With Dementia

There are several reasons that using senior care services for your parent with dementia could be the best choice over you taking care of them alone. Even if you don't work, being the sole caregiver for someone with medical and cognitive problems can be overwhelming and exhausting. While you might care for your parent as long as possible, there may come a time when your parent will be safer and happier in an assisted living center or nursing home. Here's why senior care services could be best for both of you.

Your Parent Has Day And Night Supervision

It's not possible for you to monitor your parent 24-hours a day. You may try to catch naps while your parent is sleeping, but the elderly often sleep on and off for short periods during the day and night. That type of schedule could be hard on your health and leave you exhausted. If your parent has sundown syndrome, the may become agitated and active in the evening when you're tired and ready to sleep. A senior care service can help with this problem by sending someone to your home to help with care while your parent still lives with you. A safer solution for your parent might be to move them into a facility where they can be monitored all day and night so they get immediate care if they trip and fall in the middle of the night.

Medications Are Given And Adjusted

Your parent may be on a variety of medications that need to be taken on a set schedule. When you're stressed from caregiving and exhausted from lack of sleep, it's easy for you to forget to administer medication or get confused about when you gave the last dose. You'll need a system for administering medications on time and keep good track so your parent stays as healthy as possible. You may not realize how caregiving can wear you out and make you forgetful when you have to deal with behavioral and cognitive issues in your parent.

Getting help with medications could be important depending on the type of medications your parent takes and how cooperative they are. When your parent is in assisted living or a nursing home, they'll also have a medical staff supervising them so the doctor can be notified in case medications need to be adjusted as your parent's condition changes.

You Won't Be Worn Out All The Time

You want what's best for your parent, but you also have to think about what's best for you. By having help with the care and supervision of your parent with dementia, you'll be able to sleep at night, have alone time during the day, and be able to shop without being rushed to hurry back home. You'll probably still spend a lot of time with your parent so they won't miss you or get lonely, and the facility you choose should let you visit as much as you want. With 24-hour expert care, both you and your parent could benefit from using senior care services at your home or in a facility.

For more information, contact senior care services in your area.

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