Are You Ready For Old Man Winter? Here's How To Prepare For The Season Of Snow In Assisted Living

Unless you're a kid who's happy to have school canceled so you can frolic in the snow all day, you probably don't look forward to hard winters. If you live in an assisted living facility, you may have a few advantages, but you're still in for a long season of snow, ice, and frigid temperatures. Better to be prepared, then let the ravages of Old Man Winter catch you off guard.

Check Your Wardrobe

Indoors, it's wise to layer your clothing, especially when traveling through hallways and to the dining and living areas of an assisted living facility. While your apartment may be warm enough, there could be drafts from opening doors all around the place, making it necessary to keep an extra sweater on as you meander.

Also, be sure and equip your feet with a decent pair of warm, waterproof boots, along with investing in traction cleats for traversing icy walkways. They'll fit right over your boots, then if you're brave enough to venture out into the winter, they should keep you upright on otherwise slippery surfaces.

Ask Your Pharmacist About Emergency Planning

If the snow piles up outside, you could have difficulties obtaining your prescriptions; thus, it's a good idea to either stock-up on your medications or know the emergency procedures in place. Ask your pharmacist which meds you can fill early and how they'll get other ones to you under adverse weather conditions. Additionally, see that your doctor's writing is always legible and the prescriptions they write always have all the needed information, so there are never any setbacks at the pharmacy. 

If you rely on over-the-counter medications, have enough on hand to get you through the weeks (and weeks) of winter, depending on your particular climate.

Beware Of Space Heaters

Although convenient and effective at warming up cold bones on snowy days, space heaters can be hazardous. Not only can they cause fires by overloading electrical outlets or by being knocked over, but they can also cause severe burns if you happen to bump into one. Exercise extreme caution if you use a space heater, especially if you have a pet. If your apartment is too cold, talk to the staff at the assisted living facility, who should send maintenance over to look into the matter for you.

Improve Your Diet

Being less active in winter, you may need additional nutrients or even in different forms, with fewer calories, to avoid stubborn weight gain. Talk to your doctor and then check back with the dining room staff at your assisted living site so they can make the necessary adjustments to your menu. Be sure, too, to get the exercise you need by doing more indoors, such as walking the halls (you could form a group of a few neighbors) or, if there's one on-site, using the gym. Your own apartment can be used, too, if you have the space to safely exercise.

Get More Involved With Your Neighbors

Winter can be lonely and even lead to depression, so it's very important that you not remain hidden behind a closed door all season long. Check on neighbors you haven't heard from in a day or so and have someone check in on you, if needed, too. Engage in the activities offered by the facility or start your own; just don't succumb to the ho-hum of a long, cold winter.

The season of snow is beautiful; however, it's difficult to enjoy when you have a lot to worry about or can't seem to make yourself comfortable. Be prepared as early on as possible and if you haven't already, make friends with those around you. It's always easier to get through something as a group, and in this case, it should be a lot more fun, too.

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