Yes, Assisted Living Facilities Are Regulated

When a parent makes the transition from independent living to assisted living, it is normal for the family to have concerns about their safety. It is common to wonder if the facility will keep your loved one safe and if they will be cared for, as well as a host of other questions. One important factor to keep in mind is that all assisted living facilities are regulated. As a result, there are certain criteria and standards that they must maintain. If you have a loved one who will make this transition soon, learn more about these requirements.

Resident Admission Policies

Every state puts guidelines in place on what type of residents each assisted living facility can accommodate. These policies are set in place based on the capabilities and accommodations offered by the facility. The goal of this policy is to ensure that each resident has access to the level of support and care they need. If your loved one is approved to become a resident at a facility, you can rest comfortably knowing that the facility is equipped to meet their needs.

Dietary Provisions

If your parent has a unique dietary provision, you also do not need to worry. Assisted living facilities are responsible for meeting the dietary provisions of each resident, and more importantly, to meet these provisions with or without the input of the resident. The staff will stay abreast of your loved one's dietary needs and ensure that all their meals are properly planned. You and your loved one do not have to worry about relaying this information.

Staffing Requirements

It is very important that you have confidence and trust in the people who will care for your loved one. Fortunately, assisted living facilities must follow specific protocols when it comes to who they can employ. Generally, every employee must pass a background investigation. Anyone with questionable red flags will not be hired. Each applicant must also have proof of a completed training or education program in their field of work.

Mandatory Inspections 

Assisted living facilities are also subjected to mandatory inspections, both planned and unplanned. During these inspections, representatives from different state agencies tour the facility to ensure they are operating up to standards, and any violation that states otherwise could lead to a formal warning or a revocation of the facilities license to operate. All facilities must adhere to standards at all times.

Remember, it is normal to have concerns. However, you should also remember that the assisted living facility is there to help with the transition in every way possible, so ask as many questions as you need.

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