How Memory Care Can Help Your Elderly Parent

If your loved one suffers from early dementia, you may want to preserve their memories for as long as you can before they enter the last stages of the disease. But if you lack the resources at home to care for your loved one, reach out to a memory care facility for help. Learn how a memory care facility can help you and your loved one below.

How Does Memory Care Help People?

Memory care is one of the most important services that nursing homes and assisted living facilities use today. Memory care helps individuals suffering from Alzheimer's disease, dementia, and other memory-related conditions maintain a better quality of life. 

Dementia and other conditions can trigger many problems in older adults. The condition can gradually cause some individuals to withdraw from society. Other people may forget how to cook, pay their bills, or even bathe. Memory care services help individuals by allowing them to

  • participate in their personal and physical care
  • engage in activities that stimulate their memories and mind
  • actively share their feelings to help calm or reduce behavioral problems

There may be other beneficial things memory care can provide your elderly parent.

What Memory Care Activities Benefit Your Loved One?

Along with the information above, memory care may include things your loved one enjoyed before they developed dementia. These things may include massage therapy and music. Aromatherapy may also be something offered at a facility. The activities stimulate the mind and relax the body.

Aromatherapy, for example, uses special herbs, essential oils, and scents to stimulate the mind. Some studies show that aromatherapy may boost people's cognitive functions and senses. Many essential oils could also help dementia patients who suffer from aggression, anxiety, and depression. If your loved one currently shows signs of aggression or anxiety, they may benefit from aromatherapy.

Music may also help people with dementia maintain a better quality of life. If your loved one enjoyed a particular type of music as a young or middle-aged adult, they may still enjoy the same type of music as an older adult. 

If you think the services above may help your elderly loved one, speak to a healthcare facility. Memory care workers may already offer services such as these, or they may incorporate the services into your loved one's care plan. A care plan contains everything your elderly parent may need in life to treat their dementia. 

Don't hesitate to contact a nursing home or assisted living facility for more information about memory care today.

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