Assisted Living: Is It Time?

It is a blessing being able to sit back and watch your parents age, learn about their childhood, and just spend valuable time with them. However, as they age, they will get weaker in a variety of areas in their life. For instance, they will not be able to get around as quickly, their memory will slow, and they may not be able to keep up with household duties as well as they used to. These are all common signs of aging, but the question is: do you need to be concerned and move them into an assisted living facility? It all depends. Here are a few things you should be on the lookout for that will let you know if your aging loved ones will be healthier, safer, and happier in an assisted living community.

Loss of Appetite or Weight Loss

Loss of appetite and weight loss are both signs of inadequate nutrition, which can be a cause for concern as well, but losing interest in eating and losing weight are also both signs of depression in the elderly. Depression can result in your loved one being unable to perform some of the common day-to-day tasks needed to function and live.

Problems With Their Medicine

Take a look at your loved one's medicine cabinet. In doing so, you may find things out of place and/or messy. Some pills may have made their way into the wrong containers, or things just may be scattered all over the place. Due to the fact that many elderly individuals take multiple medications, it can be difficult for them to manage their prescriptions as they get older. Unfortunately, this can be very dangerous.

Ridged Nails or Dry/Brittle Hair

Ridged nails and/or dry/brittle hair are signs that your elderly loved one is finding it difficult to bathe and feed themself properly. The nails and hair are both made up of different proteins that come from the food that you eat, and because of this, when the hair becomes dry or brittle, it is a sign that your loved one may not be getting proper nutrition. Some other signs include irritability and lethargy.

Lack of Interest in Hobbies

Another sign of depression that may not be 100 percent obvious is your loved one's lack of interest in activities that they once participated in and loved. Social withdrawal like this will often cause depression.

When you move your loved one to an assisted living facility, your loved one will be provided with the care they need to remain healthy, strong, safe, and happy. they will be in a community with other individuals like them and will be able to enjoy a variety of social activities, social interaction, and proper nutrition. For more information, contact assisted living facilities in your area.  

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